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Disaster Recovery Offerings



For businesses that want to leverage industry-leading geo-replication  to address potential latency issue or simply want workloads to be  close at hand, Azure-to-Azure disaster recovery is a premium offering  that provides premium protection for customer workloads. Beyond  the benefits of Site-to-Azure recovery, Azure-to-Azure provides:

  • Geo-replication options in Azure regions that  make the most sense for customers
  • The ability to deliver premium SLAs and High Availability services for mission critical applications
  • Superior protection against operational and human  errors with intra-cloud disaster recovery and backup


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For customers who want to leverage their own secondary  data centers as recovery targets—for security, compliance  or other reasons—Azure’s Site-to-Site recovery offers  them a means for replicating workloads in an orchestrated  and automated manner. With Site Recovery, you can help  customers streamline the failover process and establish  holistic disaster recovery plans. Additional benefits include:

  • Automated replication and policy based protection for  Hyper-V/VMware virtual machines, and physical servers
  • One-click, orderly recovery of applications to an alternate site
  • Support for heterogeneous environments with  proven and tested disaster recovery solutions